There are some things I need to consider while developing a travel booking app. An application similar to MakeMy Trip is a ticket and Travel Booking Solution, which belongs to the database app category. In order to support the app’s high-tech features and load of data, it needs a captivating design and a strong and solid foundation. MakeMy trip is one of the most profitable travel applications as of 2019, with a profit of $118 million. 

Making an application for booking travel from scratch is expensive. Making a copy of this Travel Booking Platform would be comparatively cheaper than creating an app similar to MAkeMyTrip. the expense would be somewhere in the range of $50000. The pricing will differ depending on the app’s features.  

Elements of inspiration from MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip significantly improves the user’s travel experiences, and the positive feedback that was left in the online stores is a dependable indicator of how well the company has done this.  Customers have been increasingly drawn in by its novel bargains and inventive ability to combine technology with business. The domestic booking options that the app offers may include systems for renting a private vehicle or a taxi as well as booking flights, trains, and buses. The following are the app’s primary components: 

  • Booking flight, train, buses, or Cabs
  • Make cancellations of the trips 
  • View details of bookings and E-tickets. 
  • Multiple payment options: CC, net banking, Debit card, My Wallet
  • Saving payment modes options like the card details. 

You should put these factors into considerations when you decide to develop a Travel Booking Platform like MakeMyTrip. Consider these factors well before brainstorming a strong development strategy, especially the cost. 

App size and features

The app size feature includes the most crucial fundamental function and features that are necessary for a travel booking application. The cost will rise as the number of rich features rises. To further minimize the cost, it is advisable to limit your first  attention to the app’s main functionality. The most strong aspects of an application like MakeMYTrip are: 

  • User;s profile
  • Image Editing
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Newsfeed and Activity-feed. 
  • Referrals and social sharing
  • Messaging
  • Bar-codes and QR codes

Both the iOS and the Androis each may take 100 or even more hours to implement these features.

Advanced Features

For those who have already used or are using the MakeMyTrip Travel Booking Solution and have explored its features and functionalities will  surely realize that it feeds on glory with several advanced technological features. It makes the app even more usable and sophisticated than others. These types of advanced features interact best with the device environment of the user, offering real-time information. Some of them may include: 

  • Geo-location and Navigation
  • Travel booking calendar
  • Push notifications
  • Data synchronization
  • In-app camera

App Design

Determining the general design and structure, and scope of a travel application like MakeMyTrip will depend on the client’s ultimate requirements. This decision is extremely important and sensitive to the final cost of the application. The design part is mostly concerned with how you approach the design concept and how it will affect the cost as the process advances up to the development stage. The primary focus should always be on keeping things simple and straightforward, which demonstrates cost clarity and also provides you with indication of how users would associate with it, in terms of experience. 


Make sure to install portals that users of the travel app prefer the most to promote flexible payments. It's best to select unified payment gateways because every bank has their own payment gateway or portal. You can always ask the developers to work on integrating a third party SDK for the gateway of your choice and guarantee simplicity of purchase.During the development phase, the integration of payment gateways would typically take 60 to 80 hours.  

App Developers

The quantity and developing experience of professional mobile app developers will determine the final cost to design an app like MakeMyTrip. Whether you choose to use local developers or outsourcing partners who reside outside of your country must be confirmed for this aspect of the cost assessment. To determine the cost of developers, you should consider their particular demographic location, industry standards, amount of experience, and resources committed. 

Admin Panel

Since every application contains the information that requires an update from time to time, dynamic content updates are essential for travel apps. You are in charge of what happens to user data thanks to the Admin Panel. Moreover, you may generate app’s performance reports, analyze usage data, and change, inspect, delete, or remove features. Building an admin panel of critical importance necessitates considerable thought and work. Developing an admin panel requires about 100 to 120 hours. 


We hope the above provided information will help you learn more about the expense of developing a travel booking app like MakeMyTrip. To support the app’s high-tech features and load of data, it needs a captivating design and a strong and solid foundation. MakeMy trip is one of the most profitable travel applications as of 2019, with a profit of $118 million.  Stay updated to know more valuable details.